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Welcome to the Oliver Seeds website. Oliver Seeds was established in 1920 and our consistent aim is to provide our customers with quality, integrity, excellent service and advice.

A desire to provide our customers with successful crops through seed quality, variety selection and sound practical advice has led to Oliver Seeds securing the confidence and support of farmers and merchants throughout the UK to remain as the leading forage seed brand. The continued testing and assessing of our range at Hailes Farm and elsewhere enables us to see benefits and challenges. This breeds confidence in probable farm performance and hence, success on the farms of our patrons. If your business succeeds, then ours can too.

The extreme weather conditions of 2018 made producing forage a real challenge, the repercussions of which will be felt throughout 2019. The current high prices and deficit of conserved feeds and straw are a timely reminder of the need to ensure that the fields at home are capable of supplying the farm’s needs in the future. Low yielding and damaged pasture will need attention and careful ley selection is important to get the right result from your grassland.

As ever, we will be glad to offer you any advice or guidance that you need to maximise the output from your grassland and have pleasure in offering you our support in selecting the best products for your fields this season.

The people listed below will be pleased to help you in your selections.

Yours sincerely,

Rod Bonshor 




Rod Bonshor
General Manager

01522 706501

07774 249620

Emily Trivett
Advisor East

01522 706503

07811 522697

Tony Walkers
Advisor South

01823 662808

07801 459626

Osian Jones
Advisor Wales

01758 613677

07837 775179

Donald Boyd
Advisor North West

01244 682844

07972 651933

Peter Schofield
Advisor North East

01673 818130

07786 730240

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