For added grazing interest and nutrition

Where there is a desire for a wider nutritional profile from herbage, it makes sense to extract these nutrients from a broader range of plants so we have formulated this mixtue to cater for this

  • Provides a diverse nutritional base to enhance palatability and grazing interest
  • Herbs for increased mineral uptake and balanced diet


Sowing Rate 13 to 16 kg/acre

Pack Size 20kg


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Grazing Tolerance

Ryegrass Ley

Productive and nutritious  Demanding of nitrogen and moisture
Fast establishment. Vigorous growth Relatively shallow rooting
Responsive to nitrogen fertiliser Not as stress tolerant as some species
High yielding in first two years Lower trace element/mineral profile than some other grasses
  Susceptible to Frit Fly attack

Multi-Species Sward

Enhanced stress tolerance. Persistent Slower to establish
Greater root mass and depth Lower yield potential and quality
Earlier spring/later autumn growth Not as responsive to fertiliser
Good trace element/mineral profile Difficult to control weeds chemically
Can have anthelmintic properties