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I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Oliver Seeds website in this, our centenary year. It is sometimes a challenge to stay optimistic in the face of today’s volatile markets however, as I look through the brochures carefully preserved over the last century, I consider my predecessors.

I can only admire the original Oliver brothers, Walter and Arthur for starting the business together from their depot at Brayford in the centre of Lincoln after the devastation of the first world war and the loss of a generation.

Leslie Wright and John Le Tall witnessed huge changes in agriculture from when they took on the business in 1962 as thousands of small farms disappeared during their tenure through the 60’s and 70’s.

Tim Clark would have seen employment in agriculture drop significantly from when he took the reins at Olivers in 1983 with mechanisation and BSE drastically affecting the farming community up to and after his departure at the turn of the millennium.

Since then, foot and mouth, extreme weather and many other challenges have left their mark and yet... there is nothing quite like farming. My grandfather said that so far "there has never been a harvest not taken or seed not sown" so our industry does have that ability to adapt and recover. Recent times have seen a return to rotation with soil health a prime consideration allied to less use of chemicals and increased use of cover crops.

There will always be a need for good quality, wholesome food produced in the British Isles and our aim is to bring success to your enterprises, just as it always has been. The Oliver staff listed below will be pleased to offer their help in planning the best solutions.   

Rod Bonshor

Oliver Seeds

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