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In 1920, Oliver Bros. (Seeds) Ltd first appeared on the agricultural scene, commencing business in the heart of Lincoln, from our depot at Brayford. For over 100 years, Oliver Seeds have been one of the leading UK seeds merchants, supplying high quality grass and root seeds locally and throughout the British Isles.  

Our mission is to provide top-class agricultural products to customers wherever they may be.  

Over the past century, Oliver Seeds have faced some enormous challenges, including two world wars, foot and mouth outbreaks, extreme weather conditions and most recently, the Coronavirus pandemic. Our resilient and dedicated agricultural seeds business and staff have worked tirelessly to make it to where we are today, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

So far, "there has never been a harvest not taken or seed not sown" so our industry does have that ability to adapt and recover. Recent times have seen a return to rotation with soil health a prime consideration allied to less use of chemicals and increased use of cover crops. 

Our exceptional agricultural seed products are second to none. We supply a range of products including forage and grass mixtures, maize, wild flowers, forage catch crops, environmental seed mixtures, game cover, soil conditioners and cover crops, lawn and amenity mixtures and organic seeds.  

As well as supplying outstanding seeds for farming, we are here for our customers to provide advice and support at every hurdle. We are grateful to each of our customers for their patronage over the years and are committed to ensuring we provide the same great service as we always have done. 

Rod Bonshor

General Manager

Oliver Seeds

Thorn Farm,
Evesham Road,

01506 894822


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